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All Boro is a 24 Hour Emergency Service Company. Property owners, managers, and clients alike throughout the New York area recognize All Boro for excellence in service because we go the extra mile. We are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration.

We specialize in Fire & Flood RestorationMold Remediation and Remodeling. Our reputation is set on the foundation of building long term relationships with our customers by solving dirty problems with clean solutions.

Safety and proper procedures are paramount in the aftermath of a fire. All Boro’s knowledge and experience equips us to handle the most challenging situations in full compliance with regulations and permits.

We are locally owned and operated, so we can assure you that your damage cleanup and restoration will be handled expediently and with a personal touch. 

All Boro will arrive on the scene, assess the situation, call-in the necessary crews and work with your insurance company. Our rapid response and knowledgeable professionals can help to minimize your losses.

How Does a Clean House Affect your Health?

Truly, there is no other place like home. That is why as much as possible we do our best to make our homes clean and sanitary. Why? Because most of the time of a person’s life will be spent in a home, whether you move to a different country, or move to a different place, no matter what the environment or the situation is inside that structure, it will always be called home.

There are several reasons why we should take care of our house. But that is basic elementary, everyone knows why taking care of it must be considered, cleaning it must be done and making it a true home for a true person every day is very important. But one of the most important reasons for why you should clean our homes is that it affects our health.

What does our health do with the cleanliness of the house?

In this article, certain details about cleaning homes will be discussed, but what is more thoroughly discussed is what is important, which is how cleaning our house will affect a human’s life. There are several implications on why is it a must in every household, here are some:

  • You live in it. Wait, not just you, but also your family (if you have any). Nobody wants to live a life full of sickness, especially if it just caused by a dirty home.

You cannot bear to look at yourself destroyed and weak just because you have a dirty home, how much more you cannot dare to look at your family, the utmost people that you love, be hurt, be sick, and be devastated. A healthy environment is a healthy life. A clean environment, is yes, of course, is also a clean life.

  • Your house reflects who you are. Sorry, but yes. As harsh as it may sound, it really is true. If people look at you as a person who has a messed-up life, then everyone would not be wondering why your house is also messed up. It will only translate to how you live your lifestyle.

It will affect how people will treat you, on how you treat people and how you treat yourself. If people will avoid you, just because you have a dirty home, then there could be a huge chance that implications regarding your mental health will come.

  • Your home is a home to other beings. Not just you, you’re right. There are also insects, animals, and other weird beings inside your home. You are not just the only living being out there that is contributing to the current mess that your home has daily.

You need to take care of everything else, simply because it’s your home. If there are other beings that are putting your home’s reputation in trouble, putting your home’s cleanliness into a mess, then you need to act on it. If it is those pesky little insects that are hiding in your deepest and darkest corners, then do something about it. Remove those insects, use different methods, do your best.

If you have your lovely pets inside, make sure that your pets are clean and is well maintained, they also contribute to the cleanliness of your home, and most especially it contributes to the safety of the people living inside the home. But if it is a person, that really cannot handle its own being, then that’s the time you need to talk to that person and discuss real important matters.

  • It scientifically is proven. The air that you breathe inside your home is not just the air that is being produced from the outside or is being given by those wonderful trees that you have in your lawn, some of the air that you breathe are those that are born inside your house.

They are those smell that is produced by animals, or people, or even the things that you have bought inside your home. May it be the cooking, or the repairs that you are doing, or simply its just how you smell because you use that soap, or you use that perfume.

Your respiratory system is very important, as well as the other bodily systems that you have. You can prevent those problems and implications if and only if you do your part in cleaning the home, filtering the air that you breathe, and maintain the sanitary of the home.

Not just the cleanliness, it is also about fitness too

Why is that so? Doing your best to maintain the cleanliness of your home is already very hard, then now you are trying to say that fitness is important too? Yes! Fitness is a very vital aspect of your life, as much as you are trying to make your home be presentable to other, you must also do your best to make yourself presentable to others.

As what is said before, your home will reflect who you are. If your home is clean and well maintained, then so shall your body be too. A clean environment reflects a clean person.

One weird example is the way that you purchase your food. The more food that your intake, the more the chance of you getting bigger. That’s right, you are getting bigger.

And most of the current population do not like to have that in their lives. The lesser you buy food, the lesser the trashes that is generated inside your home.

That is why the harder you do in maintaining your home, then the harder it is too, to maintain your bodily fitness. And remember fitness and wellness goes way more than hitting the gym and taking muscle and strength enhancement. Do this only when you utterly need it? Here is our recommendation for you.


It is just simple, it is all a matter of discipline. If you discipline yourself, you will learn to clean your house, (and probably your life) on a regular basis. You will set a schedule for yourself to do such errands, and that will not be an issue in your life.

The more you try to set your focus on doing those things, the more you’ll get used to it, the more you would love to do it regularly. If you discipline yourself in maintaining your home clean, then you can also discipline yourself in maintaining a healthy body, and that includes being fit.

Well, all those words that are said will be rendered useless if you just read them. If you yourself have that passion for doing changes in your life, that would be all considered as trash if you don’t act on it. Be a better person. Live a better life.