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Flood Safety

Flood Safety

For flood emergencies it is very important to prepare in advance and be knowledgeable in the dos and don’ts.  Keep your insurance policy at hand and wrapped. Because when the flood comes, you’ll want the paperwork in order.

Once you hear flood warnings turn off all electricity around your home; this will help prevent electrical issues later.   While the flood is in progress do not walk or drive through any water.

The depth of the water or any debris that may be lurking is unknown and could be potentially harmful. Obviously stay away from any power lines and beware of and gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

After the water has cleared watch your step when walking; broken glass and hurt animals are hazardous and anything touched by the water has most likely been contaminated.

Clean anything that the water may have touched, as floods carry toxic chemicals. When it comes to floods, you can never be too safe! – 1-800-426-0899

Pet Safety

Pet Safety TipsYour pet is a part of your family so why wouldn’t you take extra precautions if there is an emergency to ensure the safety of your pet?

Regardless of an emergency or not, every pet owner should have an animal first aid kit, which is available at any pet store. You should also invest in some sort of storage for your pet; whether a bag or some sort of crate, anything to contain the animal.

In case of emergency this should be labeled with the animals name, your contact information, and a picture of yourself with your little friend.

In this case, keep an extra harness and leash also labeled with contact information and extra tags for your dog. Waterproofed copies of your pets medical records and any medication they may be on should also be kelp in this case.

In an emergency dog bag keep a week’s worth of dry food and water (bottled) for your pet. Collapsible dog dishes are a smart buy and you could even use these in none emergency situations like a long walk in the park!

Keep your pets feeling safe (even during in case fire or flood disasters) by bringing some of their favorite toys and a blanket for them to snuggle. To maintain cleanliness, garbage bags, soap, hand sanitizer, and paper towels are all encouraged as you never know what mess your animal might get into.

Keep your pets prepared for emergency situations and call All Boro Cleaning for any home repairs required.

All Boro Cleaning  for all your home restoration needs.

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