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Ideas for remediating mold in your home

MOLD REMOVALMold is naturally occurring, and is inevitable in every household. Mold is harmless when outdoors, but may be quite toxic when it grows inside our homes. Getting rid of mold sounds like an easy task, until it invites itself right back and you have no idea what to do.

When this happens, it’s time for mold remediation. This involves focusing on getting the mold levels in your home back to their natural levels.

This is because it’s quite impossible to fully remove all the mold traces, but it’s much easier getting the situation under control. If you are considering remediating mold into your home, here are a few ideas worth trying.

Identifying the Mold

To remediate mold, you first have to identify its existence in your home. Mold can literally grow anywhere in the house, as long as it is within the 40 degrees F and 100 degrees F. This only means that more often than not, you can miss the signs.

Mildew, which is a type of mold, is easy to spot, since it starts out as tiny black spots and spreads into bigger colonies. You will identify this through the dark lines on damp walls, in the shower or outdoors on painted siding or deck boards.

If there is a heavy infestation of mold, you can smell the musty odor on damp surfaces which include walls, carpets, wood and other crawlspaces.

Mitigate Mildew And Fungus Development

This involves physically removing the mold from your walls, starting from its source. Keep in mind that this is not to completely get rid of the mold, rather it’s to reduce the mold problem.

The next step involves cleaning the air, with an aim of getting rid of the spores. This is crucial because when the airborne spores get into your lungs, they cause numerous reactions which can be harmful to your health.

If you can afford it, hire a mold removal company to clean out your indoor air. We also recommend opening all your windows for proper ventilation, and also to let in fresh air into your home. Most people opt for deodorization without knowing that this cannot solve mold damage.


Removing the mold from your walls is not enough. You also need to target other areas such as carpets. This is where a vacuum comes in handy, because it can capture spores, mold and dust better than any other cleaning equipment.

A great tip is first scrubbing each surface with water, and allowing it to dry before suing the vacuum cleaner.  For bathrooms or decks, you can use a mold cleaner solution to get rid of the mold. For a DIY solution, mix 1 part of bleach for every 8 parts of water.

Wear Protective Gear

We recommend using safety gear during mold remediation, especially because you will be handling harsh chemicals. The aim is to reduce the risk of contamination as much as you can. Ensure that you invest in high quality vinyl or neoprene gloves, as well as overalls, gumboots and air filtration mask.

Damage Control

In some cases, mold only affects a small area in your home. Remediation involves limiting the spread of spores and dust into other areas. Seal the affected zones using plastic sheets. Ensure that the spores do not come in contact with water, which will lead to development into mold.

Hire Professionals

If you have struggled with a mold problem for a long time, why not hire mold remediation specialists? They will thoroughly inspect your home to first determine the extent of the mold infestation.

For a minor spread, most will recommend that you take care of the problem yourself and give you tips on what to do. For a large infestation, the specialist will decide on the specific day to conduct the remediation.

Professionals employ the latest technology in remediation, which is very effective. You should keep in mind that hiring a professional can be quite costly, therefore ensure that you have a budget set aside for the process to avoid breaking your bank.

If you have mold in your home, its best to begin the remediation immediately. Despite the fact that mold can be pretty harmless, it can also cause respiratory problems to your family and greatly affect the value of your home.

Fire Safety

Fire SafetyThe key to fire safety is to already have a plan in action. Prepare and practice an emergency escape plan so in case of the event of an actual emergency you are familiar with the drill.

Install and maintain smoke detectors in your home or office; you can use these to simulate a practice drill.

Monitoring the safety around your home and promoting fire safety rules to children is very important.

Instill ideas like “matches are for grown ups” and “Stop – Drop – Roll” to educate children in fire safety.

Around your home, give all space heaters extra space and practice candle safety. Make sure these objects are secure and that the source of heat is away from anything that could catch on fire. Be aware of all electrical products in the home and unplug unused objects to prevent fires.

In the event a fire does occur first, call 911 then remember that hot air rises and crawl low to the ground under the smoke. If you are burned ease pain and cool the burn by running it under water. Try to remain calm under pressure, practice your emergency fire safety action plan. – 1-800-426-0899

Do you have a plan in place if a disaster takes place?

Guide Against Disaster

All Boro

As a homeowner you probably encounter run of the mill repairs as time goes on.  What happens when something out of the ordinary occurs?  In an event of an emergency the following is a guide line a homeowner can use to help in an emergency situation such as fire, flooding etc.

Prevention and Protection

  • Like going to the doctor’s office a homeowner should do regular check- ups on his/her(s) house. Check the roofing, the plumbing, the basement, washer hoses, hot water heater and the property itself-look for trees that may look like they are coming down. (Companies such as ALL BORO Remodeling offer free estimates.)
  • A homer should do what’s called a policy review of their homeowner’s insurance policy.  Once a year is usually good enough.  Companies such as Sterling & Sterling in Woodbury, NY offer such services to make sure a home owner has adequate coverage.


Fire is a disaster that can essentially wipe out your entire home.

  • Make sure to have an emergency evacuation route planned for  you and your family members.  Be sure to have a meet up location picked out so that you can all meet up in case of separation
  • Call emergency services- firemen or police
  • After the fire has been extinguished call a remediation company such as ALL BORO.  (Most reputable companies have a 24hr Live Operator emergency services phone number)
  • Do not wait to see if your policy covers the work.  Sometimes waiting can nullify the policy stipulations due to neglect.

All Boro is a 24 hour emergency service company serving the greater New York area with responsive, professional disaster remediation, restoration and clean up services.

Property owners, managers and home owners alike appreciate our knowledgeable approach. All Boro is Licensed, certified, bonded and insured.

Contact us for any questions

All Boro

516-942-3016/800-426-0899 24hr emergency services

Flood Safety

Flood Safety

For flood emergencies it is very important to prepare in advance and be knowledgeable in the dos and don’ts.  Keep your insurance policy at hand and wrapped. Because when the flood comes, you’ll want the paperwork in order.

Once you hear flood warnings turn off all electricity around your home; this will help prevent electrical issues later.   While the flood is in progress do not walk or drive through any water.

The depth of the water or any debris that may be lurking is unknown and could be potentially harmful. Obviously stay away from any power lines and beware of and gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

After the water has cleared watch your step when walking; broken glass and hurt animals are hazardous and anything touched by the water has most likely been contaminated.

Clean anything that the water may have touched, as floods carry toxic chemicals. When it comes to floods, you can never be too safe! – 1-800-426-0899

Pet Safety

Pet Safety TipsYour pet is a part of your family so why wouldn’t you take extra precautions if there is an emergency to ensure the safety of your pet?

Regardless of an emergency or not, every pet owner should have an animal first aid kit, which is available at any pet store. You should also invest in some sort of storage for your pet; whether a bag or some sort of crate, anything to contain the animal.

In case of emergency this should be labeled with the animals name, your contact information, and a picture of yourself with your little friend.

In this case, keep an extra harness and leash also labeled with contact information and extra tags for your dog. Waterproofed copies of your pets medical records and any medication they may be on should also be kelp in this case.

In an emergency dog bag keep a week’s worth of dry food and water (bottled) for your pet. Collapsible dog dishes are a smart buy and you could even use these in none emergency situations like a long walk in the park!

Keep your pets feeling safe (even during in case fire or flood disasters) by bringing some of their favorite toys and a blanket for them to snuggle. To maintain cleanliness, garbage bags, soap, hand sanitizer, and paper towels are all encouraged as you never know what mess your animal might get into.

Keep your pets prepared for emergency situations and call All Boro Cleaning for any home repairs required.

All Boro Cleaning  for all your home restoration needs.