Do you have a plan in place if a disaster takes place?

Guide Against Disaster

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As a homeowner you probably encounter run of the mill repairs as time goes on.  What happens when something out of the ordinary occurs?  In an event of an emergency the following is a guide line a homeowner can use to help in an emergency situation such as fire, flooding etc.

Prevention and Protection

  • Like going to the doctor’s office a homeowner should do regular check- ups on his/her(s) house. Check the roofing, the plumbing, the basement, washer hoses, hot water heater and the property itself-look for trees that may look like they are coming down. (Companies such as ALL BORO Remodeling offer free estimates.)
  • A homer should do what’s called a policy review of their homeowner’s insurance policy.  Once a year is usually good enough.  Companies such as Sterling & Sterling in Woodbury, NY offer such services to make sure a home owner has adequate coverage.


Fire is a disaster that can essentially wipe out your entire home.

  • Make sure to have an emergency evacuation route planned for  you and your family members.  Be sure to have a meet up location picked out so that you can all meet up in case of separation
  • Call emergency services- firemen or police
  • After the fire has been extinguished call a remediation company such as ALL BORO.  (Most reputable companies have a 24hr Live Operator emergency services phone number)
  • Do not wait to see if your policy covers the work.  Sometimes waiting can nullify the policy stipulations due to neglect.

All Boro is a 24 hour emergency service company serving the greater New York area with responsive, professional disaster remediation, restoration and clean up services.

Property owners, managers and home owners alike appreciate our knowledgeable approach. All Boro is Licensed, certified, bonded and insured.

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