Fire Safety

Fire SafetyThe key to fire safety is to already have a plan in action. Prepare and practice an emergency escape plan so in case of the event of an actual emergency you are familiar with the drill.

Install and maintain smoke detectors in your home or office; you can use these to simulate a practice drill.

Monitoring the safety around your home and promoting fire safety rules to children is very important.

Instill ideas like “matches are for grown ups” and “Stop – Drop – Roll” to educate children in fire safety.

Around your home, give all space heaters extra space and practice candle safety. Make sure these objects are secure and that the source of heat is away from anything that could catch on fire. Be aware of all electrical products in the home and unplug unused objects to prevent fires.

In the event a fire does occur first, call 911 then remember that hot air rises and crawl low to the ground under the smoke. If you are burned ease pain and cool the burn by running it under water. Try to remain calm under pressure, practice your emergency fire safety action plan. – 1-800-426-0899

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