Importance of Proper Dryer Vent Maintenance

vent cleaningEverybody thinks that cleaning your clothes dryer’s lint trap before you put your load inside is already okay and doesn’t need you to schedule an appointment with a dryer vent maintenance provider. However, just cleaning the lint trap is not enough as it cannot catch all the lint your dryer makes. Lint will continue to accumulate inside the lint and it can pose a harm and danger to your household.

There are several cases of clothes dryer fires that have been reported since 2012, and these fire incidents cost 10 lives, 180 injuries and almost $100 million in property losses. Avoid this incident from happening on your house by getting a professional dryer vent maintenance service to do the job.

Lint is the main reason why dirty and clogged dryer vents can be a culprit of a very harmful fire hazard. Lint is so flammable that it is even used by campers to get their fire started. As lint continues to accumulate inside the vent of your dryer, it will come to a point that it would get clogged.

This will make your dryer quick to overheat, and intense heat inside your dryer can cause the accumulated lint to ignite, thus starting a fire. Aside from avoiding a possible fire hazard, having your dryer vent cleaned by a professional comes with other benefits. These benefits include:

Extending Your Dryer’s Service Life

A dryer that becomes overheated because of its clogged vent can also cause other parts of your dryer to quickly wear out, thus needing you to replace that particular part. Replacement parts plus repair charges can be quite costly that it may be more practical to purchase a new dryer instead. That is why a yearly check by a professional dryer vent cleaner can extend the life of your dryer.

Improves Your Dryer’s Efficiency

You will know that your dryer vent is already clogged when your clothes are still wet or damp even if you already performed a complete drying cycle. Your dryer cannot be able to do its task properly if its vent needs to be cleaned. It would also require you to perform two complete drying cycles just to dry a single load, costing you two times the electricity charge. Having your dryer vent maintained by a professional cleaner makes your dryer more energy efficient, thus decreasing your monthly electricity bill.

Prevents Emission of Dangerous Gases

Toxic gases like carbon dioxide can be also released from your clogged dryer vents. The presence of such toxic gases can pose a health problem especially to children. Numerous people have already been sent to the emergency room because of toxic gas suffocation.

Prevents Small Animals to Nest Inside

A clogged dryer vents prevents your exterior duct hood flop to close properly, making small animals like birds to make the warm space inside their new home. Prevent a life-threatening incident to happen on your home plus enjoy the benefits by having your dryer vents be cleaned by a professional now!


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